Dear Parents and Carers,

Many thanks for all of your fantastic comments and the time you gave to answering our Early Years survey. Your views really are important to us so please continue to offer any suggestions and thoughts on your children’s experience here.  If you have not yet completed this there is still time. We will share the outcomes of this with you shortly. Thank you once again.


At last we have now started to trial ‘Tapestry’ an on line learning package which records photos, observations and comments about each child’s learning with us.

Each child in our Nursery and Reception classes will have their own personal learning journey record. It will include observations of your child at play, photographs and other information. It will therefore capture your child’s own personal learning story. As you are children’s first and foremost teachers you will be an important part of this. You will soon not only be able to see what your child is doing in school but you will also be able to share what they are learning at home. You can add your own thoughts, photographs and anything that you feel is relevant to your child/ children’s learning journeys at any time. We are really hoping that this will be a great way of working in partnership with you.

Tapestry uses a secure UK based server with the same levels of security settings as banks and the financial industry.

  • You will be able to access your child’s journal using a computer, mobile phone or tablet and will be given information about access once we have your consent.
  • Only you, as parents and carers and staff working within class teams will have secure access to your child’s Learning journal (via email address and password).
  • You will only be able to view your own child’s information and are unable to log in to view other children’s Learning journals.

Wherever possible we will take individual photographs however classrooms are busy places and it may be relevant to an observation such as when a child is playing a group game.

  • It is therefore likely that some of the photographs in the file will capture other children at play, and it must be emphasised that such data is shared for your own personal use only.
  • This means that the information cannot be shared with others, or ‘publicised’ in any way, without the explicit consent of the parents or carers of those children who may be included. For example, any such photographs cannot be displayed on a social networking site or displayed in a public place.

Any parent who is found to be copying and using such images will have their access to Tapestry suspended.

Should you have any further questions please see either myself or Mrs Coyne.

We appreciate your co-operation in this matter, and request that you sign to acknowledge your agreement.


Many Thanks

Anne Rhodda

Foundation Stage Manager

Step by Step Guide

To login to your child’s journal...

  • Go into the website
  • Put in your email and password
  • Click on your child’s journal and look through the observations.
  • Add your own comments at the bottom of the observation.
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